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The Coming Four Blood Moons Series

By John Hagee

Pastor Hagee is a world-renowned expert on Bible prophecy. This Four Blood Moons sermon series is something that speaks directly about end times prophecy and how it will affect the Children of God. It is like nothing you have ever heard! If you are wondering how long it will be until the Savior’s return and what we can expect before His arrival, this is the perfect series for you.

Listen to Pastor Hagee as he walks through the Bible and presents historical facts to outline futuristic details that will intrigue even the greatest skeptic. Learn the meaning behind the four blood moons.

This Series Includes:

  • 1244 The Coming Four Blood Moons
  • 1245 The Coming Four Blood Moons Pt. 2
  • 1246 The Coming Four Blood Moons Pt. 3: The Coming New World Order