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Unseen Realities

By Matt Hagee

Spiritual warfare started before heaven and earth were created. We must walk by faith and not by sight. We must engage in the battle with an unseen enemy. Be encouraged to continue. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop praying. Your breakthrough is on the way. Remain faithful and God will move.

The Bible is a very powerful tool. It can show you things you’ve never seen before. Open it and recognize unseen realities that have a very real impact upon your life. While there are powers that wish to disrupt, God is still on the throne. The victory has already been won!

Which keys help you unlock closed doors, and how do you use them? We do not war according to the flesh, but the weapons of our warfare are mighty in God and they renew our strength.

The ingredient in your life that brings the unseen into reality is commitment. God can work miracles, but He won’t perform one in your life until you prove that you are committed to Him. In spiritual warfare there are three types of people: the curious, the convinced, the committed. Which one are you?

The sermons in this series include: Take a Closer Look, The Keys that Unlock Unseen Doors and Unseen Commitment, Making the Impossible Possible.