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Answers, Arguments, & Angry Men

The streets of this nation are filled with angry men, not trying to improve the quality of their lives…but taking their frustration out on others simply because they can. No one will stop them. The good news is that we have every answer we need in God’s Word; we must declare its truth without apology. It gives us the facts beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Word of God is not a topic to be debated, but the answer that the world needs to hear. We must declare it with confidence to those who are lost, sick and in need. Jesus is the cornerstone. He must be a part of your firm foundation in order to succeed in this life. You cannot carry the weight of the world without Christ.

There is no limitation to God’s ability. Everything He has promised, He can do. Everything in his Word has been accomplished because our God is able. With a Word that is true and a God who is able, what is preventing us from doing what God has called us to do? We must place our trust, our faith and our hope in him. He is the God who cannot fail.

The sermons in this series are: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Rock Solid Answer, God is Able.

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Answers, Arguments, & Angry Men CD includes:
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