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Angels & Demons: Companion Study Guide to The Three Heavens

By John Hagee

In this companion to his new bestseller, The Three Heavens, Pastor John Hagee continues the journey through the supernatural into the world of angels and demons.

John Hagee states: “Angels are alive; they are immortal; and they present the Lord’s proclamations.” Angels protect, guard, and go before us. Readers will learn of their work and powers. By contrast, Pastor Hagee assures readers that demons, too, are real. Hagee helps readers understand demonic powers and the difference between fallen angels and demons. He explains that Jesus dealt with demons and, today, we must face demonic powers as well.

This timely, essential companion resource includes scriptural insights, discussion questions and application – for individual or group use, key biblical passages related to The Three Heavens and bonus content with additional teaching about angels and demons.

sku: B207P