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Dark Blue Prayer Shawl & Bag

This exquisite prayer shawl, or tallit, is made especially for Hagee Ministries in Israel. It is made out of 100% cotton and is almost 6’ in length. While the background is a beautiful shade of ivory, the stripes throughout are brilliant shades of royal blue outlined by golden thread.

The word tallit is taken from the Aramaic word for cover, but literally means cloak or sheet. If you have listened to Pastor Hagee’s teachings, you know that the name of God is literally woven into the tzitzit, or fringes on the edges of this sacred garment. Today, the men of the synagogue wear this when they worship in order to show respect for God. In orthodox circles, the groom is presented a special tallit on the day of his wedding, while others are given as gifts to remember special occasions.

The tallit can be stored in a beautiful midnight blue bag made especially for Hagee Ministries in Israel.

sku: K543