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The Storyteller

By Matt Hagee

When you are wounded, will you behave righteously or wickedly? We all want to be counted worthy. Who is Jesus in your life? Are you loving your neighbor as yourself? Do you obey the Word of God, or question it to justify your behavior?  Arguments don’t bring you the blessing, obedience does.

Jesus used parables to teach us lessons about who God was and what He expected from his children. The parable of the prodigal son tells us about a son who threw his opportunities away. The second son seemed arrogant, but the father loved them equally. This is exactly how your heavenly Father loves you. The prodigal is a state of mind, the far country. Are you living far away from the Father? It’s time to come home.

What happens when you hear the Lord’s voice, but do nothing? What happens when you do not follow his lead? Christ is coming back to establish his throne and reward the faithful. Every knee will bow; and of his Kingdom there will be no end. Since He is coming back… don’t just stand there. Do something!

This series includes the following sermons: The Wounded, The Wicked and The Worthy, The Love of the Father, Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something.