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The Stairway to the Stars: The Beatitudes

By John Hagee

The beatitudes are eight supernatural principles for victorious and joyful living. The first step is to empty yourself so that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Sermon on the Mount is not a message of salvation but a message to Believers concerning the character and conduct of those who call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. If you’re looking to live a successful life according to the Scripture, a life filled with joy and favor, untold blessings, goodness and mercy…follow this stairway to the stars.

Are you looking to lead a peaceful life? Peace is a condition of the heart towards God. Apply the Beatitudes to your life. They aren’t mere platitudes; they are divine statements made by the Creator. If you want to live joyfully regardless of your circumstances, commit the Beatitudes to memory and experience the unlimited delight of being happy in an unhappy world.

This sermon series includes the following sermons: Poverty that Makes Rich, The Meek with a Good Appetite, Blessed are the Merciful, Blessed are the Pure in Heart, Blessed are the Peacemakers.