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Born to Be Blessed

By John Hagee

Sermon 1 of the 3 part series, The Power Of The Prophetic Blessing Volume 1

The power of the prophetic blessing has been lost to Christianity for over 2000 years. We use the word “blessed” so often that it has lost its true meaning.

Pastor Hagee says that if you would like to sculpture your future, all you need to do is release the power of the prophetic blessing on the lives of your family members, your finances, health, marriage, business, emotions…every microcosm of your life, and begin to experience a supernatural explosion of God’s divine favor.

This life-changing sermon discusses the secrets of releasing the prophetic blessing into the lives of your family members. You were born to be blessed! This in-depth teaching on the impartation of the supernatural power of God in the human life discusses how the spoken Word of God can delegate the spiritual authority necessary to reach your divine destiny.

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