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Surviving Your Day of Trouble

By John Hagee

Sermon 3 of the 3 part series, Surviving the Storm

Are you in the middle of a storm? Facing a day of overwhelming circumstance where you are faced with trouble at every turn?

Pastor Hagee says that God promises to deliver us if we cry out to Him. And the Word says, “Then will you glorify me.” Pastor encourages us to praise Him in good times and bad, because true joy comes from the Lord. When we seek Him with our whole hearts, He will heal our hearts, our homes and our land.

Now is the time to hunger and thirst after righteousness. No matter what we are facing, we serve a God who is the conquering King. With God beside us, every enemy is defeated before the battle is waged. Call upon His mighty name in your day of trouble and receive the total victory.

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