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Between the Rock and a Hard Place

By Matt Hagee

In this world, you will have hard times! The Bible promises us this, so why are we surprised when trouble arrives at our door? You will go through spiritually hard places and dark days. They never arrive at a good time. Be of good cheer, He has overcome the world!

Who do you call upon when you get to a hard place? In every battle, David reminds us that God will forever make a way. Cry out to him when you face the impossible and He will deliver you. Trouble is not the problem; how you face it is. Because the love of Christ is in us, trouble can have no lasting impact on our lives.

Success comes from the Lord who is your rock, your sword and your shield. Nothing is impossible when God is on your side! Conflict doesn’t always come from a natural source. Sometimes a supernatural battle must be waged to give us victory here on earth. You are mighty to pull down those things that come against you; our weapons are not carnal. The battle belongs to the Lord.

This series includes the following sermons: The Rock of My Salvation, How to Handle the Hard Place, My Rock, My Sword, My Shield