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Ivan Parker: Dancing in the Rain

The new heart-stirring album, Dancing In The Rain, features Ivan Parker at his very finest. Produced by Garry Jones, this collection of songs embrace the musical qualities that Ivan is loved for with fresh arrangements and engaging melodies.

From the inspirational, “He’ll Do It Again,” to the hand clapping, “Walk My Way” featuring Canton Junction, Dancing In The Rain reminds the listener that no matter what happens in life, we have the everlasting encouragement of our blessed hope, and because God is in control, everything is going to be alright.

  • 1 Dancing In The Rain
  • 2 That's What Love Does
  • 3 Jesus Plus Nothing
  • 4 There's Healing
  • 5 He'll Do It Again
  • 6 Mama's Rocking Chair Featuring Sandy Parker
  • 7 Jesus Built This Church On Love
  • 8 Let Me Take You To The Cross
  • 9 Walk My Way Featuring Canton Junction
  • 10 A Little More Like You
sku: M96C