Sanctuary of Hope

Give the gift of life to children seeking a lasting and loving family, while providing a world class Christian education

March 2016

Save a Single Life; Save the World

Pastor Hagee and I will be married forty years in April and I can say without question that walking alongside him has been both an honor and a pleasure. We often laugh with each other as we quote one of his father’s favorite sayings; “For every crooked pot—there is a crooked lid!” How true is that!

Pastor Hagee is a man of vision and I am the person behind the scenes with a writing pad, a pencil and a big eraser trying to do all I can to help him achieve his Godinspired dreams. We make an amusing pair!

I can also testify that the Lord has entrusted him with great visions that demand great trust in His ability to provide. We have been on a supernatural walk of faith in the last 39 plus years—from Cornerstone’s first sanctuary that held 300, the launch of our global television outreach, to the one-of-kind Children’s Ark educational facility now located at Cornerstone Church. These and other projects have become reality because of God’s provision and the sacrificial help of the members of Cornerstone Church and the Salt Covenant Partners of John Hagee Ministries. And the DREAM continues!

In all the years I have known Pastor Hagee he has had a dream to build a place where young unmarried women who have chosen life for their unborn child can have a place to call home while they await the birth of their baby. This dream is now called the Sanctuary of Hope.

The Sanctuary of Hope will be an oasis for unwed mothers where they can receive pre-natal health care, a strong biblical foundation as well as an education that will be the springboard to a career allowing them to be productive members of our society.

The Sanctuary of Hope will also provide adoption services allowing children the opportunity to be placed in loving Christian homes. This same facility will be a refuge for the orphaned child to live, to be educated and to be equipped to enter college and become a thriving member of society!

Jewish scholars state that, “whoever saves a single life saves the whole world.” While the Sanctuary of Hope cannot help everyone it will provide a God-given refuge for as many as God sends our way. We acknowledge that this is a massive undertaking that will not come to be without the prayers and generous support of our friends and partners around the world. Pastor Hagee, Pastor Matthew, Kendal and I are asking that you prayerfully consider giving the very best gift you can to help make the Sanctuary of Hope a dream come true. Psalm 62:8 declares that God’s people are to, “Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” As God is our refuge we pray that the Sanctuary of Hope will be a refuge for those that need to feel His unconditional love for their life’s journey. One of Pastor Hagee’s favorite songs was written in 1887 by John H. Sammis and the lyrics ring true to this day, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” These words have been the cornerstone of this ministry.