Sanctuary of Hope

Give the gift of life to children seeking a lasting and loving family, while providing a world class Christian education

March 2016

A Vision to Save Our Youth

At the beginning of this year, Pastor Hagee made it known that this ministry will establish a Sanctuary of Hope. Sanctuary of Hope will be a refuge for children that are seeking spiritual guidance and opportunity. It is a comprehensive, long-term vision to save the youth of our city and America.

First, saving children begins with saving their physical life. Right now America is killing 1,000 babies a day to abortion! We are destroying our future and our hope as a nation that will live by principles of righteousness. Secondly, children need a loving home where they can be nurtured and developed in order to become a productive and law-abiding citizen. Finally, children should be educated in a righteous environment, free from the poison of secular humanism that is destroying the educational foundations of America.

As we see an increased amount of hostility in our world towards people of faith and Bible-believing Christians, I believe that children of Christian families around the world will need a Sanctuary of Hope. These children and others could be coming from all over the world.

This cannot be accomplished without you. Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.

Won’t you please join us at John Hagee Ministries in this endeavor to meet the need of these priceless treasures, our children? As Pastor Hagee says, "When I get to heaven, God isn’t going to pat me on the back for erecting buildings to help children. He is going to reward those who gave and made it possible." Together we can do this! Call John Hagee Ministries at 1-800-854-9899 or click Donate Now and make your gift to the Sanctuary of Hope. Let's begin!