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The Difference

Believers and non-believers in crisis, “how” they face it is The Difference

The Difference is Jesus...

At some point in life, every person on the planet will have to face one of life’s many dark hurdles. The dreaded question of “Why?” can overcome even the strongest in their faith. Why me? Why now? How does a Christian deal with an unplanned pregnancy, a runaway son or daughter, or an abusive or alcoholic spouse? There is a difference between how a believer and a non-believer get through a crisis.

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Excitement For Living

May 26, 2023

Jill Donovan, founder of Rustic Cuff, says that choosing the right team to surround you during a personal storm is vital. She is a breast cancer survivor who loves sharing her love for life and Christ with others. After learning the true meaning of joy, she encourages others to reach out and share it with those around them. There is so much more that you could be doing with your life. Aim big and reach higher! Jill loves to “wake people up” and encourages them to leave their complacent, stagnant lives.

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Give the Unborn a Chance at Life

Sanctuary of Hope is leading a movement to help single, teen moms and their children with long-term housing that emphasizes mercy over shame and offers counseling for emotional and spiritual healing for those who choose life for their baby whether they raise the child or take the option of adoption.

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Rest as a Weapon

Tye Tribbett, Pastor of Live Church in Orlando, FL and Grammy-nominated gospel singer, talks about how amazing it is to minister with your family. What a blessing it is to share God’s Word with the world. God can use the craziest of circumstances for our good if we are willing to be used by him. All freedom has boundaries; it is powerful to use rest as a weapon. You cannot fill others when your own cup is empty.

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Run the Race with Endurance

The mind of man has no more precious memory than that of a godly mother. It is her voice that could conquer every childhood fear and instill confidence. Her presence made you believe that you could achieve the impossible. What is the Proverbs 31 woman? A woman that fears the Lord is to be praised.

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The Power of Worship

Marcos Witt, founder of CanZion, talks about the power of worship to change the circumstances in your life. What impact does worship have on your atmosphere? God can create anything, but He is looking for worshipers. Are you willing to lay your crown at His feet? What is misappropriated glory? Are you honoring God with your praise and worship? We were created to worship God.

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Living a Life of Worship

Marcos Witt, founder of CanZion, began singing when his mom told him he was going to be a singer (and pianist) as a very young boy. He calls it “very guided growth.” His parents were missionaries, but his dad passed when he was just two years old. Marcos’ stepdad came into his life at the age of five and shared with him a great love for Christ. At 16, Marcos gave his music ministry to God and that moment changed his life forever.

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Thirst for the Kingdom

Some thought it was impossible for life to grow in the desert. But John Bongiorno from WorldServe International is proving them wrong, working diligently to provide fresh water to underserved communities around the world. Acting as the hands and feet of Jesus, John is fulfilling Bible prophecy. Find out how Israel is playing a role in what John is doing to serve others around the globe, empowering them to gain access to fresh water and grow much-needed crops.

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Life Giving Water

For millions, life without clean water is a terrifying reality.  Find out what John Bongiorno, president of WorldServe International, is doing about the world’s water crisis… how he is working diligently to bring hope and water to those in need. Despite advancing technology, millions lack access to clean water. Some areas are seeing 2,000 deaths a day due to the lack of clean water. To the glory of God, John is ministering to this body of people spiritually as well as meeting their needs with access to fresh water.

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