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The Difference

Believers and non-believers in crisis, “how” they face it is The Difference

The Difference is Jesus...

At some point in life, every person on the planet will have to face one of life’s many dark hurdles. The dreaded question of “Why?” can overcome even the strongest in their faith. Why me? Why now? How does a Christian deal with an unplanned pregnancy, a runaway son or daughter, or an abusive or alcoholic spouse? There is a difference between how a believer and a non-believer get through a crisis.

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Defending Our Faith

December 3, 2021

First Liberty Institute’s CEO, Kelly Shackelford, joins Pastor Matt and Kendal to talk about how God directed his path into law so that he could help defend religious freedom. First Liberty is the largest organization in the nation dedicated to helping Americans who are fighting for their religious freedom. There has never been a greater need for this service, which is indeed Kelly’s ministry. You will enjoy the testimonies of those he has fought for, as he seeks to help people share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enjoy their Constitutional rights.

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Give the Unborn a Chance at Life

Sanctuary of Hope is leading a movement to help single, teen moms and their children with long-term housing that emphasizes mercy over shame and offers counseling for emotional and spiritual healing for those who choose life for their baby whether they raise the child or take the option of adoption.

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Position of Influence

When Pastor Rodriguez was just 14 years of age, a prophecy was spoken over his life that has literally changed the world that we live in. He was told that he would preach the Word and speak over presidents. To date, he has served under three different administrations. You want to hear about his very important message for the Trump administration that was turned into law. God trusted him to deliver this message, and in that moment he chose to shine for the Kingdom.

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Key to Thrive

Everyone is either failing, surviving or thriving. What makes the difference? Your perspective! How do you see things? Do you pray, “Lord bless me” or “Lord make me a blessing to others?” Are you in alignment with God? Biblical literacy is key! Without it, you will only survive. Remove your lids (anxiety, fear, generational realities, etc.) and live an abundant life through Christ Jesus.

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Born to Thrive

Samuel Rodriguez is an evangelist and author from Sacramento, California. He is the Leader of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and served on the COVID-19 Advisory Board under President Trump. You will be encouraged by his very personal and heart-wrenching encounter with COVID-19. As he watched his daughter fight for her life, he prayed a prayer of desperation. God showed up in a very real and powerful way! What God did for Pastor Rodriguez, He can do for you, no matter what you are facing today. You were born to thrive!

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Marriage, Intimacy and Connection

A good marriage consists of covenant, communication and commitment. Dr. Kevin Leman explores the marriage relationship and shares how to build intimacy and connection with your spouse. We often fear what our spouse might think of us, so we shut down, when we should be working towards become transparent. Getting married involves the union of two people as well as their families. Learn what your partner loves and needs.

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Tantrums, Teens and Parenthood

Why do kids misbehave? Dr. Kevin Leman shares his insights on what parents need to know about misbehavior. Every kid wants attention. Are they gaining positive or negative attention by their actions? What are you teaching your child(ren) by your responses to their misbehavior? If you are provoked by your child’s behavior, they are assuming a position of power…while other children misbehave out of revenge. As a parent, your role is significant in training your child to behave appropriately.

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The Journey to Forgiveness

Couple Don Gatten and Tara Garcia open up about their journey of forgiveness after infidelity. Lysa Terkeurst shares her story of a marriage restored. How do you forgive what you can’t forget?

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