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Family Matters

Jonathan Evans is Dr. Tony and Lois Evans’ youngest child, and a former fullback for multiple NFL teams. His parents encouraged Jonathan and his siblings to be whatever God wanted them to be…and God has used him in positions with great visibility for His glory. He is the co-pastor with his father Tony Evans at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, and the chaplain for various NFL teams. He loves sharing God’s Word and praying for those in need.

Balancing ministry and family life is challenging. Opportunities come and go, but families are here to stay. The best “yes” is “no.” Be intentional with your priorities. Is your purpose to complete something that a previous generation started? How are you working in your own community to further the Kingdom, to share the message of God’s love with those around you? What is your legacy?

Enjoy this teaching on how the family is the foundation for our society, and how the enemy comes to rob, kill, and destroy. We must remain vigilant.

The God of Miracles, Volume 3

The God of Miracles, Volume 3

Matt Hagee