We Need a Righteous Revolution!

It is time for God's people to take a stand for the Lord.

Revolution is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "a sudden and dramatic change.” America has been in need of a dramatic change for eight long years. I believe that our new President may well be America’s last chance to have a righteous revolution. I am praying that our President, and the other leaders of our great nation will commit themselves to putting God back where He belongs… first in everything (Matthew 6:33).

Being a Christian, speaking boldly and standing up for what is right won’t always be easy. No matter the strife that is going on in the world around you, or regardless of what you are struggling with today, our God promises to walk with you through the storm and bring you safe to other side.

When the winds are raging and the waves are pounding your soul…when the heavens are blacker than a thousand midnights…what joy it is to hear His voice coming across the raging tide whispering, “Be not afraid. It is I.”

Are you taking a stand for righteousness? Are you following His lead? He has chosen you to reign as a king and priest unto Him. The royal blood of heaven flows in your veins. You are children of the Most High God. With one prayer, you can move heaven and earth…because we serve a mighty God!


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Triumphant in Trouble

This message outlines the only viable solution to what ails America and the nations of the world that have kicked God out of every political office, out of the schoolhouse and out of our homes. "The time to stand up and speak the truth is RIGHT NOW! It's time for a Righteous Revolution!

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