God's Love is Extravagant!

Jesus' love for you is an everlasting, unconditional love. Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of millions.

Our lives are shaped by those we love, and by those who love us in return. In many cases our lives, and character, are also influenced and shaped by those who refuse to love us.

Every one of us wants to be loved. We want to be loved completely. We want to be loved unconditionally. Your relationships cannot be truly fulfilling until you are able to give and receive unconditionally to one another. That is an extravagant kind of love.

Well, I am here today to tell you that you have someone that desires to show you extravagant love! Maybe in the midst of your current situation and circumstances it’s hard to believe that Jesus really cares. But I can assure you that His promises are as true today as they were two thousand years ago. I know from personal experience, that as I lean more and more on Him every day, He reveals Himself to me in new ways. As I accept His love for me I see Him moving and working in my life in ways that I could never imagine.


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