"Heaven in this Place" LIVE by Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir!


Introducing "Heaven in this Place" LIVE by Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir!
Here's your chance to experience our choir's incredible performance anytime, anywhere. Be blessed by the powerful voices and the communal spirit that made the live recording something you will want to listen to time and time again.
Join us on a musical journey like no other, as "Heaven in this Place" showcases acclaimed artists such as Jason Crabb, Tina Campbell (of Gospel duo Mary Mary), and our very own Pastor Matt Hagee. Their contributions add an extra layer of depth to this extraordinary album.
May "Heaven in this Place" inspire and bring boundless joy to your life.


1. This is the Day

2. Can I Get An Amen?

3. Every Hallelujah

4. Psalm 100 (Enter In) Feat. Jason Crabb

5. He’s My Rock

6. Nadie Como Tu’

7. I’ve Got A Reason

8. Marvelous

9. Testify

10. You Know My Name Feat. Tina Campbell

11. I Feel Heaven in this Place Feat. Matt Hagee

12. Throne Room Song

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