The Magnificent Seven

John Hagee

There are seven things God cannot do. He cannot be given a problem He cannot solve. He will never leave you nor forsake you. God will not allow his people to be ashamed. He shares his glory with no one; He will not break covenant. God does not change, and He will not remember your sins when you confess them. Remove from your thoughts anything that would limit God, knowing that with him all things are possible.

America and the countries of the world are falling apart, laden with absolute corruption. Christ is coming for those who “eagerly” look for him, but many doubt his return. What does Scripture say about the latter days? Are we living in the end times right now?

Believe on the Lord and you shall be saved. If you do not believe in him, He cannot save you. Not everyone who attends church will go to heaven. If you receive him, you are going to heaven. If you reject him, you are not.

This sermon series includes the following sermons: Seven Things God Cannot Do, Seven Signs of His Coming, Seven Kinds of People God Cannot Save.

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