Let Freedom Ring

John Hagee

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sadly, our current moral and political corruption knows no limit. If we do not use our freedom to defend our freedom, we will lose our freedom. We the People need to start telling Congress what they should do, rather than Congress dictating what we must do. Freedom isn’t free. We must pray for our country and for those in authority. We can change the course of history through prayer.

Jesus paid the ultimate price to liberate us from the stress and anxiety of life. Do you have a Ph.D. in worry? There is much to worry about in today’s world, but you can find freedom from worry through Christ. Worry cannot change your past, but it can ruin your present. Worrying about what you cannot control or change is useless. Worrying about what you can change is foolish. Take action, solve the problem and move forward in Jesus’ name.

This series includes the following sermons: “How Free is Freedom?” and “Freedom from Worry.”

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