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Say it Ain't So Series

By Matt Hagee

Before everyone was glued to their phones, we used to visit in person. If today, you could visit with someone from a past generation…what would they say about our headlines? “Say it ain’t so!” This is a saying that refers to anything that is hard to believe…like the many things in our world that are “out of order.” Our government, our media, our economy, our society…are all out of order. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being legislated out of existence. Where is your own life out of order? Life is filled with conflict. Your attitude about the conflict is what determines your outcome. It will bring you strength or teach you how to make excuses. God is looking for people who are not afraid to face the giants! Be willing to say, “Enough is enough!”

This series includes the following sermons: Things That are Hard to Believe, First Things First, Enough is Enough.