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Surviving the Storm Series

By John Hagee

Pastor Hagee’s 3-part sermon series, “Surviving the Storm” will uplift and encourage you through your personal day of tragedy, defeat or utter despair. Are you in need of a day of total triumph? Listen to this series that walks you through God’s Word, referencing those in the Bible who saw bitter tragedy and learned of God’s faithfulness over the years.

Pastor encourages us to praise God in good times and bad, to seek righteousness in all that we do…and to seek the face of God first and foremost. It only takes one phone call to sink your boat in a lake of tragedy, to understand the completely overwhelming sense of loss. But God is still on the throne and ready to hand you the ultimate victory in Jesus’ name.

Get ready! Your total triumph, your testimony of complete healing, your day of exoneration is just around the corner.

This series includes the following sermons:

  • 1433 - Surviving the Storm
  • 1434 - Surviving Fiery Trials
  • 1435 - Surviving Your Day of Trouble