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The Difference

Believers and non-believers in crisis, “how” they face it is The Difference

The Difference is Jesus...

At some point in life, every person on the planet will have to face one of life’s many dark hurdles. The dreaded question of “Why?” can overcome even the strongest in their faith. Why me? Why now? How does a Christian deal with an unplanned pregnancy, a runaway son or daughter, or an abusive or alcoholic spouse? There is a difference between how a believer and a non-believer get through a crisis.

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Love, Loss, Faith, Hope

June 11, 2021

Matt and Erica Mattera join Matt and Kendal as they share a parent’s journey of love, loss, faith, and hope. The Mattera’s story comes from a place of healing after losing a daughter to suicide.

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Give the Unborn a Chance at Life

Sanctuary of Hope is leading a movement to help single, teen moms and their children with long-term housing that emphasizes mercy over shame and offers counseling for emotional and spiritual healing for those who choose life for their baby whether they raise the child or take the option of adoption.

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The Heart of Addiction

George Thomas CEO of Adult Teen Challenge of Texas and his wife provide teens and adults freedom from addiction and other life controlling issues through Christ-centered solutions.

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The Power of One

Dominic Russo, humanitarian and founder of shares his passion for international missions and how one person can change the world.

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Perception, Influence and Change

Live a better life now. Erik Van Alstine author of Automatic Influence talks about emotional intelligence and the part it plays in our perception, influence and change. How we react to others matters.

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The Power of Perception

On today’s show you’re going to discover what Perceptual IntelligenceTM is, how it works, and why it’s important in our lives.

Erik Van Alstine author and Expert in Perceptual IntelligenceTM gives insight on how perceptual intelligence influences our emotions and motives.

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The Life of Multiplication

Bestselling author and co-founder of Messenger International John Bevere shares the work of Messenger International and the impact it has on leaders around the world. His book “X: Multiply Your God-Given Potential” dives into how we are all called to live a life of multiplication.

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Called to Multiply

Bestselling author and co-founder of Messenger International John Bevere shares why we are all called to multiply our God-Given potential. In his new book “X: Multiply Your God-Given Potential,” John Bevere empowers readers through scripture that each person was born on purpose and for a purpose. Your gifts matter and have a part in building the kingdom.

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