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A Mother's Wages

John Hagee

The mind of man has stored within it no sweeter memory than that of a godly mother. Her kiss obliterates pain. Her face has the radiance of a golden sunrise. Her voice conquers every fear and puts all doubt to rest. Her smile gives the reassurance needed to face every challenge.

A mother makes a house a home. And the right kind of home is a suburb of heaven. Abraham Lincoln famously said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

There is no higher level of success than that of a godly mother. Engravings on brass and marble will be effaced by time, but godly impressions made by a mother on her children will abide forever in their hearts.

While the world around us is filled with uncertainty, Mother’s Day is a day where we stop to celebrate the champions of our hearts…the women who dare to brave it all in spite of the circumstances surrounding them. They dare to raise their children in the fear and the admonition of God, expecting great things even though our society would promote many other “jobs” above that of being a mother.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to have a baby, young lady. If you’re married to a man that loves the Lord, start your family. Make Christ the center of your home and raise your children in the church. There is no perfect circumstance or time in history that will ensure a great future for your child. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, a perfect society by all accounts, and they still managed to fall from grace.


Abraham Lincoln went to school in a log cabin but was raised by a mother who loved the Lord. He became a great scholar and arguably one of the best presidents this country has ever seen. God can give you the best of things in the worst of times when you follow His lead. Look at our schools now. We have the finest buildings but have locked God out. Some schools remain closed due to the COVID-19 virus; they’re drowning in fear as our children fall into depression due to isolation.

The Supreme Court would tell us that the Bible is a threat to our students. Our children are being forbidden to read the Bible on the bus or quote the Bible in school addresses. This is why it is so vital to share the Word of God at home. Share it and live it. Your children are watching…and they are 100% of what our nation’s future will become.

Mothers, you are the first teacher your child will ever have. You can put a stop to the noise, to the nonsense. When you speak words of blessing and peace, your child absorbs it. They know that everything is going to be alright because Mama said so. Your God will become their God. Share His love liberally with your children. Tell them how deeply you love them. They will follow your lead, sharing God’s love with those around them. The world would be a wonderful place if we could heal the divide with God’s love…don’t you think?

Do you have a strong work ethic? Your children are watching. Your speech will become their speech. Your actions will become their actions. Godly mothers can overcome adversity, propelling their child forward into absolute success. There is no limit to the things a child can do when he has a praying mother.

The birth of every child is living proof that God has not yet grown weary of mankind.

Mothers, let the peace and grace of God’s love surround your heart and mind. Let it saturate your home. Let it overflow into every area of your child’s life. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of Sound mind. Fear not! No matter what the news tells us, the God we serve is still in control and He will have the last word. We have nothing to fear.

We serve a God of might and majesty! He is a God of unlimited power. He held the sun still for Joshua and parted the Red Sea for Moses. Nothing is impossible when you put your faith in Him. Teach your children to choose faith over fear. They will believe you before all other news reports. The words coming out of your mouth will be Gospel to your children. Choose them wisely.

Your child has unlimited potential, unlimited possibilities. Speak life into them. Bless them. Pray over them. Let them know how deeply you love them. Invest yourself in your children today, because they will determine the future of our world tomorrow.

Remember this. Our lives are shaped by those who love us and by those who refuse to love us.

When you pour love into your children, you are the healing balm that wipes away their fears…you heal their cuts and bruises. You are the one they look to when all else seems lost, a safety net that catches them whenever they fall. You are the one who points them towards the Cross, towards becoming the very best version of themselves.

My mother ran a boy’s dormitory (for myself and my three brothers). She taught us to pray, to read the Word of God, and to work like our shirttails were on fire…because that’s exactly what she did. When Mama said something, you knew it was going to happen. My mother graduated from Bible College with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology before she got married. She could preach accidentally better than my Dad could preach on purpose.

She was booked to preach across America for two years when she married my Dad. In a generation where women were expected to take a back seat, many criticized her for “throwing her ministry away.” Her response… “I’m investing my life in my sons.”

The years have passed, and my Mom has gone on to be with the Lord. But she planted in each of our minds the goodness and the grandeur of a loving God. Today, I am able to share the message that “Jesus Saves!” to an audience that spans the globe because my mother was willing to pour into me the promises of God’s Word. She sowed eternal seeds into my soul that I have been blessed to share with the nations of the world. I love you, Mama!

Mothers, do not think that your child cannot achieve greatness because they started out simply. When you are willing to place your child in God’s hands, get ready for great things to happen. Doors will open that no man can shut. God can and will use you to shake the world through your children!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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