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The Power to Heal Package

By John Hagee

Are you looking for a healing miracle in your life? Do you know someone who is?

This dynamic combination is sure to help you find God's healing.

Included are:

  • The Power to Heal, a book by Pastor Hagee on God's miracle-working power.
  • Lizzy's Miracle, a CD of the day-to-day testimony of the Gross family as their daughter, Lizzy, was healed from a brain tumor.
  • Healing Scriptures on CD - Pastor Hagee reading scriptures on healing accompanied by wonderful background music.

This combination answers your questions on meeting God's conditions for healing, healing through deliverance, fasting and praying for healing, why to believe in healing miracles and much more.

This is a truly anointed offering that will help you or someone you love find God's healing miracle in their life.


Mixed Media
sku: KT335C