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Earth's Last Empire Series

By John Hagee

The New World Order isn’t coming to America. It’s here. From the day Satan was kicked out of heaven, he has attempted to create the New World Order, in total rebellion against God. The anarchists in America are trying to destroy our democracy. They are not patriots.

God chose Jerusalem and the Jewish people as the epicenter of his map. His name and heart reside there. Antisemitism is alive and well, with no place in the life of a Believer. But make no mistake…Israel lives! The Messiah is coming!

God’s timing is exact. He holds the future in the palm of his hand. The date and time of the rapture was set before Genesis began. Nothing else needs to happen in Bible prophecy for Jesus to return and establish the earth’s last empire. It’s crucial for every Christian to understand Bible prophecy. It is the portrait of our future.

This series includes the following sermons:

  • The War Against the Jews
  • The New World Order
  • The Fascination of the Future