History is about to unveil the final scene... Will you be ready?

Deception has infiltrated every area of our society. We have been warned that this day would come... the day that marks the generation that would witness the end of the world as we know it.


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I found this book to be exciting, enlightening, entertaining, and riveting all at the same time. I’ve recommended it to several friends... looking forward to more books from Matt Hagee. — Susan in Tennessee

Finally something that helps me understand what all the end-times prophetic chatter means! I’m usually lost about Revelation and Ezekiel but this really cleared a lot of it up and made sense. — Jackelyn in Ohio

Your Guide to the Apocalypse, by Matt Hagee, highlights how governments, technologies and world events are ushering in the terminal generation. Hagee answers relevant and riveting questions like...

Your Guide to the Apocalypse gives you a front row seat into the prophetic world theater featuring the epic story that began before recorded time. The veil of history is about to reveal the final scene... WILL YOU BE READY?

About Matt Hagee

Matt Hagee is the sixth generation of Hagees to carry the mantle of gospel ministry. He serves as Executive Pastor of the 20,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, founded by his father, pastor, New York Times bestselling author and prophecy expert, John Hagee. Matt Hagee's teachings and telecasts include Hagee Hotline and The Difference, seen throughout the world on television and over 250 digital platforms. Matt and his wife Kendal, have four children.