You Have Been Liberated!

Now let's build the leaders of tomorrow to bring America back to God.

Our founding fathers built this great nation on the precepts found in the Bible. They did this, knowing full well that a Christian nation would be able to stand against its enemies. From the very beginning this country was guided by strong leadership and they got their direction from God’s Word.

During the American Revolution, we had a brilliant and bold George Washington at the helm, whose leadership helped birth these United States. Washington said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

It is a new day in America. We have a new leader who has pledged to put the needs of our nation and her people before all others, holding to the traditions of those who led America out of its infancy.

It is time to stop focusing on all the media hype and start focusing on how we can work, as the unified body of Christ, to take America back to the foundations of faith that our forefathers intended. It is time to link arms with our fellow Americans and say, “Enough is Enough!”

This is our moment to be the light in a dark world. It’s time for the Church to rise up and take its rightful place in history as leaders and ambassadors of Christ. We need to step up and call upon the Lord to bless this great nation, so that we might bring Him the honor and glory that He so richly deserves!


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Righteous Revolution Magnet

This special 4”x7” magnet will remind you to be a leader in your home, neighborhood, and community. When the righteous lead, the people find hope, peace, and justice. Let’s take this country back one family at a time!

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Righteous Revolution Pack

For your gift of $150 or more, receive the Proverbs 29:2 magnet plus a special patriotic canvas art for your home, Righteous Revolution series, tumbler and a hat that would make any American proud to wear it!

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