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Jews in Ukraine Need Your Support Now!

URGENT REQUEST: There is no time to waste!

Ukraine is home to one of the world's largest Jewish communities in Europe. The Jews in Ukraine need our help now. The war in Ukraine is creating widespread devastation and over 250,000 Jews are in danger.

We are asking the Christian community to unite and help save every Jewish person that wants to flee the ravages of this conflict. Relocation costs are $2,650 per person to shuttle refugees in buses to the border and then fly them safely to Israel. We want to enable as many Jews as possible who want to flee the war zone to find a safe home in the land God gave to them. 

On Monday, March 7th, the first wave of 300 Ukrainian Jews will land in Israel, including 100 orphans. It's heartbreaking to witness European Jews fleeing for their lives as they did during World War II. We must not remain silent. "Never Again" is more than a slogan, it's an action.

Other Ways to Give:

  Mail your gift to: P.O. Box 659240, San Antonio, Texas 78265-5149

Call Us: 1-800-854-9899

The Need is Great, but God is Greater

At this moment, over 8,000 Jewish people are actively trying to leave Ukraine for Israel. We must raise $20 million as soon as possible to get them to safety. We don't know when the borders will close. You can save one life for $2,650. The Torah says he who saves one life saves the world. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to saving Ukrainian Jews. No gift is too small. With God on our side, we can slay giants!